Mifflin-Schmid Design was founded in 1986 by partners Kaspar Schmid and Lize Mifflin who art direct a select group of designers. We’re a small company with big clients. Large corporate clients happy to avoid bureaucracy are attracted to us because of our size, the direct access to partners it guarantees and the reputation our client list ensures. They are as carefully attended to as the small companies we also serve.

Kaspar Schmid 

Managing partner and co-creative director Kaspar Schmid studied design at the Zurich Kunstgewerbeschule and worked in several Zurich design studios before being hired by Pentagram, London where he worked for two years, then at Pentagram, New York where he worked for five years. He won Best Swiss Book Design in 2000 for the McKinsey/ETH business plan book “Planen, Gründen, Wachsen”. He’s lectured at the Art Center College of Design in Vevey and the Luzern University of Applied Sciences and Arts.


Designers and friends

Over the years our agency was fortunate in attracting a series of gifted, motivated designers, writers, photographers, programmers and support staff, whom we wish to acknowledge: Brigitt Wägerle | Marianne Lüssi | Saskia Noll | Lina Jaeggi | Sabrina Uebersax | Res Zinniker | Cornelia Müller | Uta Bogenried | Igor Schneebeli | Snježana Bucvic | Miriam Dahinden | Petra Dolllinger | Jutta Häring | Malte Husmann | Roland Köppel | Muriel Meyer | Nicole Meythaler  | Daniel Rechsteiner | Thomas Schmid | Tina Ackermann | Guy Walder | Charles Whitehouse

Lize Mifflin

Partner Lize Mifflin is a brand strategy consultant. In addition to art directing, she takes responsibility for client word-work: brand name development, slogans, claims and writing and editing English communications. She has a Bachelors Degree in Fine Art from Carnegie Mellon University and a Masters Degree in Fine Art and Teaching from New York’s Columbia University. She worked at Pentagram Design in New York as assistant to Colin Forbes before co-founding Mifflin-Schmid Design. She lectures at the Zurich Museum of Design, Luzern University of Applied Sciences and Arts, and Zurich University of the Arts.